i'm tati, i post about my life and about things i enjoy. it's kind of a life style blog. recently, i've been thinking about my life a lot, and i don't know where i'm going. i'd like to go to college, but i'm afraid to apply and afraid of everything; i'm afraid of life in general. there are people who want to be doctors or nurses or attend medical school and i'm so jealous of people who can plan their lives out that way, to know that they want to be a doctor and get a phd and go to grad school in whatever subject. so i'm kind of stumbling my way through life. i love makeup, i love my friends, but i worry a lot. i have big ambitions yet i'm somehow unmotivated. i'm lazy, but if it's something i love, i can be really dedicated. i honestly wish i knew who i was though.i love my dog and my rabbits and sometimes my family, but my family annoys me. i try to be a good friend and i try not to be selfish and i try really hard at both of those. i'm really sarcastic; sometimes i think i'm funny but usually i'm wrong. i make a lot of bad puns, but that's okay. i do debate and i like it a lot, i ride horses, i fence, idk what i'm doing most of the time. i want to do well in school but i'm too lazy to do anything. i just don't know how to go about living my life when i don't really know what i want. Master Degree are my fave Cellular Phone Rental is super cool Pay Day Loans love these VOIP Extra Money Distance Learning Mesothelioma Taxes High Vioxx Payperclick Car donate Adult Diaper Consolidate Spyware Internet Broker Spam Filter Consumer Credit Canadian Pharmac Web Host Online Banking Lexington Law Refinance College Acceptance Satellite Dedicated Hosting Mortgages Equity Loans Car Insurance Cell Phone Plans Private Jet Loans Jet Charter Homeowner’s Insurance is interesting Cancer Malpractice Lawyer Low Interest Credit Cards Study Abroad what i'm doing next year Teeth Whitening Motor insurance quotes are my favorite Trans Union ipod Asbestos lawyers Doctor University Degrees Online Travel Insurance Credit Card Cheap Hosting Facelift Life Insurance Debt Consolidatio Borrow Money . Quick Book Adult Education Credit Counseling Bonds Yellow Page Advertising Virtual data rooms are another thing i love Alcohol Treatment imacs Wrongful death Rewards Cards Email Hosting Bankruptcy Insurance Online Tradin Credit Score Dental Plan H Eloan godaddy Mesothelioma law firm google Bachelor Degree investing Windstar Cruise College College Admissions Domain Name Refinance Quotes Personal Injury Attorney Asbestos Business Credit Drug Rehab Anti Spam Software Transfer Money Anti Virus Protection Work at Home nano Lenox China Free Credit Report Bextra domain Doctorate Degree imac Depression Personal Domain Name Lasik Medical School Acne Register Domain yahoo Annuity settlements Weight Loss Sell annuity payment Legal Advice Rehab High apple mac Calling Cards Laptop Computer Structured settlements d Cash Advance Need Money IRA Rollover ipad Casinos Online Death Insurance Structured annuity settlement Data recovery raid Term Life Equity Line Credit websites Video Conferencing Lawyers Annuity Blue Cross Reduce Debt
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